How to Register a Company in Nepal


(As of 2075 B.S. / 2018 A.D.) Here’s, a detailed guide and Information on company registration process in Nepal, updated as of 2075B.S. / 2018A.D. Along with the Information on costs and fees involved. Steps for Registration a Company in Nepal: (Applicant-Side) 1. Determination of the type of Company The applicants require determining what type of company they wish to incorporate, either private...

Company Registration in Nepal

Company Registration Nepal

A company is an incorporated association which is an artificial person created by law, having a separate entity, with a perpetual succession and a common seal. Simply put, company is a legal entity enabling you to earn through business. Nepalese citizens as well as foreign people can register any company in Nepal as per their necessity but that should bind by legal criteria of Nepal i.e. Company...

Business Registration in Nepal

Company Registration Nepal

All you need to know about business registration in Nepal Business registration from the relevant regulators would be required for starting a business in Nepal. Some of the most common business registration include Proprietorship Firm Registration (Solo and Partnership), Private Limited Company Registration (Solo and Partnership) and Limited Company Registration. Business Tax Consulting Pvt. Ltd...

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